SNOEZEL Lightings

LED Leuchtbild 125cm x 65cm
LED Leuchtbild 125cm x 65cm

We created a wide range of lamps and lightings, which gives you light, but also a decorative overall picture. Our motives consist of epoxy resin, veneer wood, or textile, which are shined through with LED from the backside.


Wall lamps with epoxy resin

We use a clear epoxy resin, together with transparent colours, which will be casted into silicon forms. This procedure makes each lamp to an unique item. Every time, new organic structures are created, which allows  the viewer, to dissapear into a coloured world with finest details. These casted blanks are put into a frame with bright LED's. The result convinces, due to an impressive brightness and a colour intensity.




Veneer wood lamps 

Our lamps with veneer wood provide us with it's warm light a very special atmosphere. You have the possibilty to choose a variety of veneer wood, in order to have the right decor.


Our veneers have a thickness of 0.5 to 0.8 mm, therefore they are translucent. The light transmittance increases and the wood grain is highlighted, by polishing, oiling and waxing of the surface. 



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  • all our lamps and lightnings are individuals.
  • we meet your demands in all sizes and colour combinations, as well as, frame colour and decors.
  • all lightings are available in warm white or neutral white.
  • modern LED technology gives an even lighting and a comfortable room ambience.
  • we provide electrical installations for the wall connection, which can also be chosen with an appropriate coloured power cable for the socket.


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