It is a fantasy word in which the English verbs "snooze" and "doze" = doze / take a nap are united. It was developed in the 80s in the Netherlands in facilities for severely disabled people. Behind the Snoezelen stands a multifunctional concept: in a particularly attractively designed room (predominantly "white room") sensations are triggered via light, sound and sound elements, aromas and music. These have a relaxing, but also activating effect on the most diverse areas of perception. The carefully selected offer controls and arranges the stimuli, it arouses interest, it evokes memories and guides relationships. The Snoezelen should always produce well-being. In the quiet atmosphere people are taken away from fears, they feel secure.


For this reason we offer our rooms with epoxy resin and veneer wood as well as projectors with variable liquid visualizations, which can be used for many therapies, like e.g. at:

  • autism
  • ADHD
  • Burn Out Syndrome (fatigue, depression)
  • dementia
  • mental and physical disability
  • mental illness, (fears, depression, loneliness)
  • older people
  • Children (creativity, development or progression of all senses.


All these diseases require individualized treatments or variable effects that lead to an effective and satisfactory result.


It is our personal concern to make others happy, or to become healthy and to stay at least!


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